Roads that lead to Cass

Cass is such a handsome nickname for a boy. I find it just as appealing but more under the radar than Cal or Cam. Here are some full names for Cass.

  • Casey coming in at #551 for boys and #818 for girls Casey trended upward for both boys and girls in the 1980s and 90s.


  • Casimir hasn’t broken the US top 1000 since the 30s but it’s approachable spelling and pronunciaion, and on trend nickname potential means this name would fit right in.


  • Casper, too friendly ghost still? A form of Jasper, Casper hasn’t ranked since the mid 1930s. Related Jasper is showing huge numbers while other ends-in-er names are enjoying popularity at the moment. Is Casper ready for a rebranding?


  • Caspian is another fictional character, this time from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and a much more palatable namesake. Caspian can also serve as a place-name. Caspian is sitting just outside the top 1000 and I expect it to have a decent rise after it inevitably breaks that barrier.


  • Cassander is the masculine form of Cassandra but with the decidedly popular -er ending. Never having ranking in the top 1000 Cassander shares an ending with the popular Alexander.


  • Cassian may seem borrowed from the new explosively popular Star Wars film, but is derived from Cassius.


  • Cassidy, taken from an Irish surname,  ranks at #257 for the girls but has enjoyed masculine use, and like Ashley feels fresher on a boy at the moment.


  • Cassius, while not having the most inspiring meaning (vain), is redeemed but its usage by early saints. Most commonly pronounced KASH-us has been used as Cass-ee-us, and currently is #642


  • Castiel- I know, I know, another fictional character. This time from TV’s Supernatural.


  • Castor twin to Pollux in Greek Mythology and forever enshrined as the constellation Gemini makes for an interesting choice to reach Cass.

Or just plan Cass.